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About Us


Message from our Founder

Welcome to Alternative Food Network! I’m so happy you’re here. If you’re here because you want to learn how the food you eat can help you, you’ve come to the right place.

We all have our different reasons for wanting to improve the way we eat. I’ll share with you mine.

About ten years ago, I was practising law with a young family, exhausted and grappling with eczema on my hands. I went to all kinds of doctors for the eczema and they would just prescribe cortisone. It didn’t help. I found it odd that they didn’t ask me about my diet and lifestyle. As I went on a personal journey to fix my eczema, the idea for Alternative Food Network was conceived.

Tapping into my professional experience as an entertainment lawyer, I decided to switch to producing content. My goal was to help people achieve their best health with a focus on food as medicine.

I now produce two podcast series (and host one of them) which cover the latest in food as medicine, culinary medicine and plant-based eating.

I invite you to be part of the Alternative Food Network community on your favorite podcast listening platform, and join us on FacebookInstagram or our Youtube Channel.

Here’s to helping each other one show at a time.

p.s. And yes, I am now eczema-free!

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Our Story

Alternative Food Network is a specialty multi-media resource at the intersection of food and personal best health. AFN’s mission is to foster a ‘can do’ approach to eating for a healthy and energetic life.

“Why “alternative”? We’re not interested in fad diets. We want to help you make helpful and lasting change with evidence-based information brought to you by experts in the field of medicine, science and nutrition.

Give us your feedback, join our community, follow us on FacebookInstagram or our Youtube Channel and let’s help each other enjoy food again by focusing on what we can eat, not what we can’t.

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What Our Fans Are Saying

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Esther is amazing!
“No matter what your question might be, Esther asks it before you are even able to come up with it! She covers all the bases in every topic when she does an interview and it’s really amazing to have somebody you feel is on your side…I would definitely listen to all of her podcasts!”

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For you, no matter where you’re at…
“I love Esther’s approach to plant-based eating, that she welcomes you to learn about all things plant-based, no matter where you’re at on your own plant-based journey. She hosts interesting guests on a wide variety of topics!”

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Positively Edible
“Esther brings such knowledge to plant based living. A must listen if you’re looking to explore more about plant based living!”