How To Plan A Party For Guests With Food Allergies

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Event and party planning can feel overwhelming, especially if there are guests with food restrictions. From wedding receptions to conferences to birthday parties, what can you do to keep your guests safe? What is the role of the guest in communicating their food needs? What should parents of allergic children do when their child is invited to a birthday party? Instead of getting stressed, get insightful tips in this podcast from award winning event planner Jodie Katz and registered dietician Ahuva Magder.

Sports Nutrition & Supplements: An Olympic Athlete’s Story

Food is fuel and for athletes this concept is extremely important. Whether you take part in sports recreationally or you’re a weekend warrior, proper nutrition is crucial to success.

“Eating a balanced amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein is important to play sports at your best” according  to this article published on the Dietitians of Canada website.

Athletes often push their bodies past what might be physically possible, and they require foods with high nutritional density for peak performance. It is also important to focus on real foods. According to Olympic athlete Meagan Duhamel who was interviewed by Alternative Food Network on its podcast about sports nutrition, this means having foods with high nutritional content first (things like quinoa or legumes) and not focusing on foods that might fit the bill in terms of caloric or fat intake but have no real nutritional value.

The Vegan Athlete

It has become somewhat of a trend for athletes to adopt a vegan diet and in AFN’s podcast, Duhamel talks about her specific needs as a vegan athlete and someone who is training. She also talks about the use of supplements but stresses real foods first, supplements second.

That being said, there are certain supplements that Duhamel herself takes such as iron and B12. If you are a vegan athlete, it is important to know that the type of iron offered by plant-based foods is less absorbable than the iron that comes from animal-based foods. According to Duhamel, while she eats vitamin C-rich foods with iron-based foods in order to increase absorption of the iron, she also takes an iron supplement. Similarly, people and specifically athletes who are vegan should consider supplementing B12 as this vitamin is not abundant in plant-based foods.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Recovery

Training differs everyday for athletes and it’s a good idea to plan recovery snacks and meals. Recovery foods help to reduce dreaded inflammation and can help repair sore and tight muscles. Duhamel says foods with flavonoids – what gives fruits and vegetables their colour – help to reduce inflammation and strengthen collagen in the body. Turmeric (curcumin) is also an excellent anti-inflammatory that can help with pain.  Some of Duhamel’s favourite snacks post training are pineapple with hemp seeds and sweet potatoes.


Hydration is a key component in sport. Duhamel recommends water or coconut water. Particularly if you sweat a lot in your sport, Duhamel also recommends adding some salt to water in order to add sodium to help replace lost electrolytes. And, beware of sugary sports drinks filled with artificial sugars.

You can find the full podcast on Alternative Food Network’s website or click here to listen.

All content provided or opinions expressed in this blog are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner.

Video Podcast: The Health Effects of Cannabis

If you’re interested in a primer about the health benefits and risks of cannabis, this is a video podcast not to be missed. Host Tanya Allen interviews Dr. Danial Schecter, MD, a practicing family physician and co-founder of the Canabo Medical Clinic, and Stephanie Karasick, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Strainprint Technologies.

To help you navigate this informative podcast, here’s a breakdown:
-What’s the evidence? (0:03:30)
-Stephanie’s personal journey (0:5:40)
-Cannabis for the over 50 demographic (0:12:30)
-What physicians can learn (0:14:15)
-Alternatives to smoking cannabis (vaporizers, edibles, oils) & what is decarboxylation? (0:19:47)
-Risks of edibles (0:26:12)
-How to find the optimal dose and avoid unwanted side effects – “Start low, go slow” (28:00)
-Different reasons people use cannabis (0:35:05)
-About the cannabis plant, our endocannabinoid system and homeostasis (0:35:28)
-The difference between THC and CBD (0:38:20)
-Treatment resistant epilepsy in children and CBD oil (0:42:00)
-The stigma (0:42:35)
-Studies looking at cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, cancer symptoms, PTSD, multiple sclerosis (0:45:00)
-Cannabis as an opioid replacement (0:49:00)
-The high risk youth population (0:51:55)
-Cannabis education (0:54:45)
-More on the edibles market (1:00:00)

L’alimentation idéale pour un cerveau en santé

Listen to “L’alimentation idéale pour un cerveau en santé” on Spreaker. Peu importe votre âge, il n’est jamais trop tôt ou trop tard pour commencer à manger de façon à  soutenir nos fonctions cérébrales. Dans cette baladodiffusion, Dr. Guylaine Ferland, Ph.D. se joint à Stéphanie Julien, ND.A pour discuter de ce que nous devrions manger pour un cerveau en santé.  À quel âge devrions-nous commencer et si nous le pouvons réellement, comment améliorer nos fonctions cognitives en changeant notre alimentation?

Emotional Side of Food Allergies

Listen to “The Emotional Side of Food Allergies” on Spreaker.

What is the emotional impact of living with food allergies? What are some coping strategies? In this podcast, registered dietician Ahuva Magder, and Natalie Rhone, Founder of the organization No Nuts 4 Me, discuss various emotional concerns for children and adults ranging from anxiety to bullying to feelings of isolation. Listen to this podcast, learn the true seriousness of food allergies, and empower yourself and your loved one to deal with them.

Le lien entre l’alimentation et l’inflammation

Le lien entre l’alimentation et l’inflammation

Top 10 Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Top 10 Foods to Eat When Pregnant

It might seem obvious that maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is important. But, when those cravings and aversions set in or if you’re nauseous all the time, it may be challenging to get those additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your body. Also, while you may know in theory that it’s important to have a healthy diet during pregnancy, in practice, you may not be sure what are the best foods to eat while pregnant. In this podcast, you’ll hear Dr. Audrey’s list of best foods to eat during pregnancy.

You Just Never Know: Introducing AFN’s French Language Podcast Series

You never know what can happen when you meet someone at a conference or networking event. There I was, standing in line for my guilty pleasure to see cast members from the hit tv show This Is Usat South by Southwest in Austin when I struck up a conversation with the person in line behind me. It turned out we were both from Canada; he from Montreal and me from Toronto. We talked about what we were doing at the festival. In our conversation I mentioned that I was contemplating producing some French language podcasts and he told me he knew a great person with whom I should speak.

Fast forward three months. I’m writing this blog from the balcony of a lovely European-style hotel in Montreal after overseeing the recording of three French language podcasts for AFN. Not only did the gentleman in line with me that day in Austin record and edit the podcasts, but the host is indeed that same person he had recommended to me three months earlier.

For all of you French speakers out there, we hope you enjoy these podcasts. Click here to listen to the first one.