Episode 17 – Quieres ahorrar tiempo en la cocina?

Description: Aprende como optimizar tu rutina en la cocina y ahorra tiempo cocinando. La Dra. Sabrina Falquier comparte tips invaluables para maximizar tu eficiencia en la cocina y transformar ingredientes cocinados en bulto en almuerzos deliciosos y variados. No importa si eres un padre muy ocupado, un profesional trabajando largas horas o simplemente estas buscando […]

Episode 16 – Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Description: Learn how to streamline your kitchen routine and cook smarter, not harder. Dr. Sabrina Falquier shares invaluable tips on maximizing efficiency in the kitchen and transforming batch cooking ingredients into multiple delicious meals. Whether you’re a busy parent, a working professional or just looking to simplify your cooking process, this episode is packed with […]

Episode 48 – How Do You Deal with Family and Friends Who are Not Plant-Based

Description: It can be a delicate dynamic to maintain a plant-based or vegan diet while surrounded by family and friends who may not share the same dietary choices. In this insightful discussion with culinary medicine expert, Dr. Sabrina Falquier, we explore practical strategies on how to gracefully navigate social gatherings and family meals. Gain valuable […]

Episode 15 – Culinary Medicine and
Indigenous Foods

Description: Explore the intersection of culinary medicine and Native American cuisine with guests Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D. and Chef Walter Whitewater. Discover how ancestral wisdom and plant-based nutrition converge to promote health and cultural preservation in this enlightening conversation that celebrates the power of food as medicine and honours the legacy of indigenous culinary traditions. […]

Episode 14 – Disminuyendo La Inflamación Del Cuerpo Con Comida

Description: Que comidas causan inflamación y que comidas son antiinflamatorias? Este tema es crucial porque la inflamación crónica es una de las causas mas comunes de enfermedades crónicas y de la muerte mundialmente. Estas incluyen: derrames cerebrales, enfermedades cardiacas, cancer, obesidad, diabetes y enfermedades respiratorias crónicas. Afortunadamente, cambios de dieta y nuestro estilo de vida pueden servir como herramientas […]

Episode 13 – Reducing Inflammation in the Body with Food

Description: What foods cause inflammation and what foods are anti-inflammatory? This topic is crucial because chronic inflammation can lead to the most common chronic diseases and death worldwide. These include: stroke, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Fortunately, dietary and lifestyle changes can serve as powerful tools in preventing and addressing inflammation in […]

Episode 47 – Green Thumbs Unite: Mastering Low-Maintenance Gardening

Description: Delve into the world of low-maintenance gardening with award-winning author and renowned landscape architect, Matthieu Mehuys. Discover the secrets to nurturing healthy plants by focusing on soil, good compost and mulch. Matthieu also shares his top picks for easy-to-grow vegetables and flowers. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or just starting out, this episode is […]

Episode 12 – Lifestyle Medicine From Theory to Practice with Dr. Jessica Matthews

Description: “People know a lot of information but yet people aren’t actually enacting those changes to their lifestyle.” A passionate advocate for whole person health, Dr. Jessica Matthews explains what is lifestyle medicine and talks about her mission to bridge the gap between theory and practice to empower people to make lasting changes for improved […]

Episode 11 – Como Leer Las Etiquetas Nutricionales

Description: Etiqueta nutricionales pueden seer muy confusas. Cuanta azúcar o sodio es demasiado? Sabias que si los gramos de proteína más los gramos de fibra suman a ser más que los gramos de azúcar, es probable que sea un producto mas saludable? Consigue tips y estrategias para entender porciones, calorías, identificar ingredientes principales y descifrar listas de […]

Episode 10 – How Do You Read a Nutrition Label?

Description: Labels on food packaging can be incredibly confusing. How much is too much sugar or sodium? Did you know that if the grams of protein plus grams of fiber are more than the grams of sugar, you’re likely getting a healthier product? Get more practical tips and strategies for understanding serving sizes, calories, identifying […]