No, I don’t get my gains on an episode of Fear Factor. I’m a regular guy with a regular workout routine and I’m getting the all-natural protein my muscles need from packages of ground, flavoured locusts. It’s true.

If eating locusts sounds crazy, it’s time to wake up and smell the Acrididae. Cultures throughout Asia, Central America, and the Middle East have chowed down on these arthropods for centuries. In fact, it’s the most widely eaten insect on the planet. The insane idea of eating locusts is only foreign to the North American and European market…but that’s about to change.

Hargol: Delivering Protein That’s Healthy & Sustainable

As the only kosher and Halal (processed) insect on the market, Israeli company Hargol is primed to cater to the millions around the world who lick up locust as a high-demand delicacy. Their line of vacuum sealed locust products provides superior nutrition content. Locusts are sustainable to farm and most importantly, they clear regulation as a safe and clean food source that includes zero antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and GMOs.

In short, the only plague you’ll be seeing from these locusts are the droves of men and women rushing to the supermarket when Hargol arrives in North America.

Taking “Rustling Up Some Grub” To A New Level

We all have different fitness goals and we’re unfortunately spoiled for choice when it comes to protein supplements. If you’re like me and want an effective, environmentally-friendly way to boost your workout — without putting a mix of “enhancement” ingredients you can’t pronounce into your body — then Hargol’s Dried Grasshopper Powder will do the trick.

This protein supplement delivers a whole lot of power. Combined with whey, this pre-workout concoction amps up your intake, providing 930% taurine, 658% Omega 3,6 & 9, and 2,321% more essential amino acids than whey alone. Trust me: it works andtastes great.

Best of all, Hargol has more than one way to get your protein for the day.

Don’t worry, Hargol doesn’t expect you to pour your almond milk into a big bowl of bugs. Their pancake mix was made for those who need a healthy, hearty, and absolutely delicious breakfast. Just add some berries or bananas — or a few chocolate chips if it’s your cheat day — drizzle that maple syrup on top and POW! It revved my morning up faster and longer than any cup of coffee could ever dream.

Not one for getting comfortable in your breakfast nook? Hargol understands that you’ve got to get up and get going as fast as possible. That’s why their chocolate smoothie mix is so clutch. If a late-start turns my pancake plans upside down, a Chocolate and Nut Smoothie Mix with a punch of locust protein power gave me the energy I need. I just whipped it up with a little vanilla yogurt and voilà, breakfast on the go — which, to my sweet tooth’s surprise, actually tasted more like a pureed sundae.

I can’t wait for Hargol to hit the North American market. People of all ages and fitness levels are craving a protein source and Hargol’s brilliant idea is going to knock it out of the park. Can’t stomach the thought of eating locust? One bite will have you crawling back for more.

DAVE GORDON is a freelance writer. His work has appeared in more than a hundred publications around the world, including BBC, Globe and Mail, National Post, and Washington Times.