We love to podcast. It’s a great way to get information to our audience, inspire conversation and create a more intimate communication experience. For listeners it’s great because you can listen to podcasts whenever and wherever, while multi-tasking or just lounging around.

How to Download Podcasts
For those who are new to podcasts or who want more information about how to download podcasts, here’s an informative article.

How to Access AFN Podcasts
As podcast listening continues to grow, we wanted to make sure know how to access Alternative Food Network podcasts. Here are some options:

  1. Visit the podcast page on our website, press play and stream the podcast.
  2. Visit AFN’s podcast host, Spreaker and stream or download a podcast.
  3. Download a podcast app as further explained in the article referred to above.

No matter the listening method you choose, we hope you enjoy the experience.