You never know what can happen when you meet someone at a conference or networking event. There I was, standing in line for my guilty pleasure to see cast members from the hit tv show This Is Usat South by Southwest in Austin when I struck up a conversation with the person in line behind me. It turned out we were both from Canada; he from Montreal and me from Toronto. We talked about what we were doing at the festival. In our conversation I mentioned that I was contemplating producing some French language podcasts and he told me he knew a great person with whom I should speak.

Fast forward three months. I’m writing this blog from the balcony of a lovely European-style hotel in Montreal after overseeing the recording of three French language podcasts for AFN. Not only did the gentleman in line with me that day in Austin record and edit the podcasts, but the host is indeed that same person he had recommended to me three months earlier.

For all of you French speakers out there, we hope you enjoy these podcasts. Click here to listen to the first one.