Air Fryer Sweet Potato Latkes/Pancakes (Gluten Free)

 Ingredients: 1/3 cup rice flour 3 sweet potatoes 4 eggs 1 onion 1 tablespoon cornstarch + for coating 1/2 teaspoon baking powder Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Peel sweet potatoes. Grate potatoes on a grater. Cover grated sweet potatoes in cool water and let sit. Grate the onion. Place grated onion into a […]

Mint-Pea-Lime Dip

The producer’s favourite! It’s tasty, low calorie, diabetic friendly and doesn’t contain any of the top 8 foods that account for 90% of food allergic reactions.

Roasted Chickpeas

Petra does it again as she offers up a delicious and nutritious allergen friendly snack. Enjoy roasted chickpeas the next time you have the munchies.

Gluten Free Brownies

These delicious gluten free brownies are made with almond flour instead of white flour. You can also make them non-dairy by using margarine instead of butter.

Low Carb Diabetes Friendly Lasagna

This recipe video will show you how to make a vegetable lasagna using vegetable shelves instead of lasagna noodles. It’s great for anyone wanting a meal with fewer carbohydrates and is diabetic friendly.

Easy Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding

If you like bananas, you’ll like this rich and creamy dark chocolate pudding. The bananas add some natural sweetness and the avocados create the silky texture. You wouldn’t even know there is avocado in it if we didn’t tell you. Ingredients: 2 large ripe bananas 2 large ripe avocados 4 Tbsp. maple syrup or agave […]