Low Sugar Vodka Cocktail

Petra makes a delicious, low-sugar, gluten-free fruity vodka cocktail perfect for celebrating any time of the year.

Low Carb Italian Food (Full Version)

Do you need help learning how to cook low carb and diabetic-friendly meals? In this video, Petra teaches musical guest Quincy Bullen how to cook 3 Italian dishes for his dad, renowned musician Eddie Bullen, who has type 2 diabetes. Stay tuned until the end to see what Eddie thinks of his son’s cooking. Lean […]

Low Carb Diabetes Friendly Lasagna

This recipe video will show you how to make a vegetable lasagna using vegetable shelves instead of lasagna noodles. It’s great for anyone wanting a meal with fewer carbohydrates and is diabetic friendly.

Low Sugar Switchel Cocktail

Known as a hipster drink, switchel is a refreshing drink made from apple cider vinegar, ginger and cane sugar. This cocktail recipe uses: Unsweetened switchel, Gin, Lime, Mint, and a Clementine. The end result is a flavourful low sugar drink.