Episode 45 – How to Overcome Plant-Based Eating Roadblocks

Description: Ready to conquer the challenges that may be keeping you from embracing a plant-based diet? In this episode, plant-based health coach, Michele Stamn PT, navigates the top five hurdles that often stand between individuals and their journey toward a more plant-powered plate. Tune in for practical tips to help you overcome these obstacles on […]

Episode 44 – How to Lose Weight with Plant-Based Eating

Description: Hold on to your greens folks! In this episode, we’re talking about common mistakes that might be sabotaging your plant-based weight loss goals. Tune in to hear The Plant Forward Nutritionist, Hannah Van Ark, discuss the dos and don’ts of plant-based weight loss so you can thrive on your weight loss journey. In this […]

Episode 43 – Lab-Grown Meat:
Will it be available soon?

Description: Delve into the fascinating world of lab-grown meat in our latest episode. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, an eco-warrior or simply like food tech, this episode sheds light on the potential of cell cultivated meat and the current stage of the industry. In this episode you’ll hear: 3:00 – What is cellular food and […]

Episode 42 – The Evolution of Plant-Based Eating: From Hippie to Sophisticated

Description: Times have changed since the unsophisticated beginnings of plant-based cuisine. Are you ready to discover the culinary innovations and techniques that have transformed plant-based dishes into gastronomic masterpieces? Whether you’re a foodie eager to understand the nuances of modern plant-based cuisine or you want to elevate your own cooking, this episode with renowned Chef […]

Episode 41 – How NYC Hospitals Shifted to More Plant-Based Meals

Description: If you’ve ever been a hospital patient, chances are you weren’t impressed with the food. In this episode, we delve into New York City’s ground-breaking ‘Plant-Based by Default’ initiative with the Executive Director of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Food Policy, Kate MacKenzie, Executive Director of the Better Food Foundation, Jennifer Channin and […]

Episode 40 – Functional Smoothies to Revitalize Your Day

Description: Unlock the world of functional smoothies with Chelsie Hodge, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Blender Bites. In this episode, we chat about the health benefits and the ingredients that make these smoothies more than just a tasty treat. Whether you’re a smoothie enthusiast or just getting started, Chelsie’s expertise on superfoods, adaptogens, and […]

Episode 39 – Optimal Times to Eat: Fasting for Longevity and Weight Loss

Description: Fasting diets are all the rage. But what does fasting have to do with longevity, and what are the optimal times to eat? In this episode, Dr. Joseph Anton, CEO of L-Nutra, breaks down the science behind how our bodies react to periods of fasting and its potential health and longevity benefits. Don’t miss […]

Episode 38 – Clean Beauty: Ayurvedic Skincare

Description: Do you want to give your skin back its healthy glow? Discover how Ayurveda can nourish not just your body, but also your skin. Guest Lisa Mattam, the dynamic founder of the evidence-based natural skincare line Sahajan, shares the science behind her skincare line that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern efficacy. […]

Episode 37 – Deep Dive Into Milk Substitutes

Description: Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or simply curious about plant-based milks and their ingredients, this episode is for you. To help us take a closer look at milk substitutes, Esther is joined by the CEO of MALK Organics, Jason Bronstad. In this episode you’ll hear: 3:10 – How Jason Bronstad changed and improved his […]