Episode 18 – Food as Medicine with Dr. Robert Graham

Description: “On the battleground of healthcare, the major thing that we’re facing is the battle against our food system”, says Harvard-trained researcher and physician, Dr. Robert Graham. Dr. Graham is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, trained in Holistic and Functional Medicine, and is a trained chef. This pioneer in the field […]

Episode 15 – Culinary Medicine and
Indigenous Foods

Description: Explore the intersection of culinary medicine and Native American cuisine with guests Lois Ellen Frank, Ph.D. and Chef Walter Whitewater. Discover how ancestral wisdom and plant-based nutrition converge to promote health and cultural preservation in this enlightening conversation that celebrates the power of food as medicine and honours the legacy of indigenous culinary traditions. […]

Episode 12 – Lifestyle Medicine From Theory to Practice with Dr. Jessica Matthews

Description: “People know a lot of information but yet people aren’t actually enacting those changes to their lifestyle.” A passionate advocate for whole person health, Dr. Jessica Matthews explains what is lifestyle medicine and talks about her mission to bridge the gap between theory and practice to empower people to make lasting changes for improved […]

Episode 9 – The Healing Recipe: Exploring Culinary Medicine with Chef Cary Neff

Description: Renowned chef and culinary medicine advocate, Chef Cary Neff, offers his insights into the transformative power of food in promoting wellness. Discover Chef Neff’s innovative approach, where flavor meets function to create dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body and soul. In this episode you’ll hear: 1:30 – […]

Episode 3 – Unveiling Culinary Medicine with Dr. Kofi Essel

Description: Who better to help launch this series about culinary medicine than the brilliant pediatrician, professor and food as medicine program director, Dr. Kofi Essel. From produce prescriptions and medically tailored meals to the impact of food choices on overall well-being, prepare to be inspired and educated on the delicious path to health.  Whether you’re […]

Episode 1 – Exciting Update! From “Doctors+” to “Culinary Medicine Recipe”

Description: Hey podcast fam! Wondering why we made the switch from “Doctors+” to “Culinary Medicine Recipe”? Let us fill you in on the delicious details in this special episode with the founder of Alternative Food Network, Esther Garfin, and the host of the series, Dr. Sabrina Falquier! Plus hear about the special addition for all you […]