Episode 3 – Unveiling Culinary Medicine with Dr. Kofi Essel

Description: Who better to help launch this series about culinary medicine than the brilliant pediatrician, professor and food as medicine program director, Dr. Kofi Essel. From produce prescriptions and medically tailored meals to the impact of food choices on overall well-being, prepare to be inspired and educated on the delicious path to health.  Whether you’re […]

Episode 1 – Exciting Update! From “Doctors+” to “Culinary Medicine Recipe”

Description: Hey podcast fam! Wondering why we made the switch from “Doctors+” to “Culinary Medicine Recipe”? Let us fill you in on the delicious details in this special episode with the founder of Alternative Food Network, Esther Garfin, and the host of the series, Dr. Sabrina Falquier! Plus hear about the special addition for all you […]