Episode 22 – Dorm Room Snacks: Healthy and Cheap Options for College Students!

Description: Here’s a quick list of snacks for dorm rooms that are perfect for busy students. Whether you’re studying for exams, looking for a late-night bite, or just want a healthier choice, these snack ideas are perfect for supporting your studying and mental health. This episode is also available in Spanish. CREDITS: Host – Dr. […]

Episode 19 – Lifestyle Medicine for a Healthier You

Description: In this 4 minute episode, explore the foundation of optimal health and wellness through the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine. These pillars offer a holistic approach to improving your overall well-being and preventing chronic diseases. Whether you’re looking to improve your lifestyle, prevent chronic diseases, or simply learn about healthy living, this episode provides […]

Episode 16 – Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Description: Learn how to streamline your kitchen routine and cook smarter, not harder. Dr. Sabrina Falquier shares invaluable tips on maximizing efficiency in the kitchen and transforming batch cooking ingredients into multiple delicious meals. Whether you’re a busy parent, a working professional or just looking to simplify your cooking process, this episode is packed with […]

Episode 13 – Reducing Inflammation in the Body with Food

Description: What foods cause inflammation and what foods are anti-inflammatory? This topic is crucial because chronic inflammation can lead to the most common chronic diseases and death worldwide. These include: stroke, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Fortunately, dietary and lifestyle changes can serve as powerful tools in preventing and addressing inflammation in […]

Episode 10 – How Do You Read a Nutrition Label?

Description: Labels on food packaging can be incredibly confusing. How much is too much sugar or sodium? Did you know that if the grams of protein plus grams of fiber are more than the grams of sugar, you’re likely getting a healthier product? Get more practical tips and strategies for understanding serving sizes, calories, identifying […]

Episode 4 – Healthy Eating Plate: Your Guide to Balanced Meals

Description: Get expert tips, food group essentials and the key ingredients to create a balanced meal for improved short and long term health. This episode is also available in Spanish. As Referenced in episode: Healthy Eating Plate: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-eating-plate/ CREDITS: Host – Dr. Sabrina Falquier, MD, CCMS, DipABLM Sound & Editing – Will Crann Executive Producer – […]