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“Doctors+ Premium” are subscriber access only episodes hosted by culinary medicine physician Dr. Sabrina Falquier, MD, CCMS. Become a subscriber and you get to be “in the doctor’s office” as Dr. Falquier interviews medical doctors who are tops in their field and also knowledgeable about evidence-based nutrition and the concept of food as medicine. As a bonus, you’ll receive a topical recipe with ingredients and cooking instructions explained by Dr. Falquier during the episode so you can implement into practice what you’ve heard in the episode. To easily find the recipes, standalone audio recipes are also part of this subscription. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:

Fasting for Health and Longevity with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Grain Zucchini Boat Recipe

Integrating Ayurveda Into Modern Medicine with Dr. Sheila Patel

Butternut Squash Chili Recipe

What is Lifestyle Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Dexter Shurney

Hummus Recipe

Integrative Psychiatry with Dr. Nishi Bhopal: Tools to Achieve Optimal Mental Health

Chia Pudding Recipe

Dietary Therapies for Diabetes with Catherine Chan, PhD

White Bean Caesar Salad Recipe

How to Reduce Brain Disease Risk and Optimize Brain Health with Dr. Annie Fenn

Cauliflower Bean Soup Recipe

Kale Chips Recipe

Integrative Strategies for Lung Care: A Conversation with Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang

Blueberry Anti-Oxidant Blast Smoothie Meal

Nutrition for Healthier Skin with Dr. Phillip Lee


Mexican Tacos Recipe

Pediatric Gastroenterology: Using Food as Therapy


Child Nutrition with Dr. Maria Mascarenhas: Are we moving forward or backward?

Homemade Fruit Leather Snack

What to Eat During Chemotherapy to Reduce Side Effects & Optimize Efficacy

Citrus Kale Salad Recipe to Assist with Iron Absorption

Say No to Dieting and Yes to Appetite Literacy with Dr. Ashley White


Food Sensory Exercise + Italian Hash Recipe