Infused: Cannabis & Your Health

Cannabis and Your Health is a conversational podcast series that takes a deep dive into the world of edibles and health. It’s a surprisingly complicated topic, but cannabis lawyer and author Russell Bennett will help you understand the health and safety of cannabis infused foods and beverages while he interviews doctors, lawyers, cannabis industry professionals and people who consume edibles to treat their medical conditions.

Episode 3 – Medical Cannabis with Dr. Marni Brooks, MD.

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“It takes a lot of confidence and risk tolerance to even consider treating a patient with cannabis, given the limited evidence we have to back it up.” These are words from Dr. Marni Brooks, BSc, MSW, MD, a family physician specializing in the area of cannabinoid medicine. In this episode she discusses how she began specializing in this area, the current evidence for medical cannabis, the type of patients she treats and the various ways to use cannabis. If you’re considering medical cannabis, this is not to be missed.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

2:00 – How Dr. Brooks got into cannabinoid medicine?

5:40 – Her role in the Ontario Medical Association’s cannabinoid medicine interest group

7:30 – How Canadians are accessing medical cannabis

10:30 – Cannabis as a treatment for children with seizures

12:20 – What is the evidence for cannabis as a medical treatment?

15:30 – Cannabis plant explained

17:15 – Recreational (legal and illegal) cannabis v. medical cannabis

20:10 – Does insurance cover medical cannabis?

24:00 – Differences between CBD and THC

26:25 – Therapeutic effects: nausea from chemotherapy, chronic pain, skin problems e.g. psoriasis

29:00 – How does a person choose where and what to buy?

31:15 – Difference between hemp oil and CBD oil

32:00 – Three reasons CBD can benefit sleep quality

33:00 – Migraines and cannabis

35:00 – Cannabis for physical pain e.g. rheumatic disorders including osteoarthritis, sciatica

35:45 – Cancer and cannabis – what’s the evidence?

38:00 – Ways to use cannabis – inhalation, ingestion

39:00 – Vaporizing explained: unsafe vaping with pre-filled products as distinguished from vaporizing cannabis flower

40:00 – Vaporizing v. smoking

40:30 – Oral use v. inhalation

43:30 – Are there any scientific studies on edibles and do physicians prescribe infused foods and drinks?

46:00 – Are physicians educated about cannabis?

48:00 – What someone should do if they want to try medical cannabis?

Episode 2 -Interview with Olli co-founder Sarah Gillin, award-winning chef Adrian Niman & world-renowned tea sommelier, Richard Guzauskas.

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From cannabis teas to cookies, more cannabis infused foods are coming to market. In this episode, we take a look at the edibles landscape in Canada post legalization and hear about one company’s journey to becoming a legal manufacturer and curator of cannabis infused food and tea.

In this podcast you’ll hear:
3:55 –  The beginning of Olli Brands

8:55 – Cannabis tea

11:45 – The edibles creation process

15:00 – Timeframe to get Olli edibles to market

15:30 – Licensing process

17:15 – Building the manufacturing facility

19:45 – Security measures

21:00 – Sanitation standards

23:15 – Edibles as a complement to a wellness lifestyle

25:05 – Dosing

36:00 – Cannabis packaging

41:45 – The sophisticated edibles consumer

Infused: Cannabis & Your Health with Russell Bennett

Listen to “Infused: Cannabis and Your Health” on Spreaker.

Cannabis lawyer and author Russell Bennett sits down with Chef JJ Witherspoon and Tricia Ryan, VP Marketing at CannTx Life Sciences, to discuss health and safety issues surrounding cannabis infused foods and beverages. Hear how JJ treated her cancer and get some commonly asked questions answered like: What does 10 mg of THC in an edible mean? Does body type affect a person’s reaction to edibles? How does a person find their optimal dose? What marketing claims can be made on packaging? How do you cook with cannabis? Whether you’re a recreational user, a medical user or part of the growing canna-curious segment, there’s something here for you. Plus, host Russell Bennett takes it upon himself to eat an edible to see what happens to his aches and pains over the course of the podcast.

In this podcast you’ll also hear:
02:30 – Tricia’s professional path to becoming a cannabis marketer
03:15 – JJ’s path to becoming a vegan and gluten-free chef
03:45 – JJ’s stage 3 cancer diagnosis
07:00 – Cannabis health claims and promotion
11:05 – CBD claims
13:10 – Dose – what is 10mg of THC?
16:00 – How different people respond to THC
23:45 – What is THC, CBD, terpenes and ratios?
26:45 – How to get cannabis for medical purposes with a prescription in Canada
34:20 – How to find your optimal dose in edibles
34:35 – How long does the effect last?
35:20 – Product quality, use of pesticides & irradiation
49:15 – US experience
50:30 – Edibles packaging
53:20 – Edibles and beverage dosage: Canada v. U.S.
56:15 – Cooking and baking with cannabis; how she makes her caramels
57:35 – What is decarboxylation?