Episode 16 – Clean Haircare with World Hair and Skin Founder Brian Phillips

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What chemicals are lurking in your shampoo and other haircare products? Do you have skin issues? In the third of three episodes on clean beauty, we chat with celebrity hair designer and World founder, Brian Phillips. After ten years being a hairstylist, Brian developed contact dermatitis on his hands. The culprit? Fragrance in haircare products. Brian shines a light on the over-marketing and greenwashing in the haircare industry and discusses how suffering from his skin condition led him to research and create a line of multi-purpose, non-toxic hair and skin products.

In this episode you’ll hear:

1:50 – How Brian’s contact dermatitis caused by fragrance in haircare products led him to create his own line of hair and skin products

6:20  – Over-marketing and waste in the haircare industry

10:30 – Haircare ingredients and their link to illness

13:40 – State of regulation of toxic chemicals: Canada v US

16:30 – What is the biggest offender in haircare products? Colour? Hair straighteners?

22:30 – Gluten free and vegan haircare

25:00 – What’s not plant based in haircare products

29:00 – Brian’s top ingredients to avoid in shampoos and conditioners