Episode 18 – Heart Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

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“Studies show that every step you take in the direction of a plant based diet can improve your health,” according to guest Colleen Montgomery. Colleen is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Plant Based Health Coach who chats about lowering blood pressure and cholesterol naturally with a plant based diet to prevent and even reverse heart disease. She offers cooking tips and recipes, including a wonderful “No-Cheese” vegan dip which she prepares live during the episode.

In this episode you’ll hear:

In conversation with Colleen Montgomery

2:00 –  Colleen’s work with cardiac patients

4:30 –  Heart disease: How much is genetic v. lifestyle?

7:00 –  Why Colleen is a plant based diet proponent

11:15 – Overcoming the challenges of adopting a plant based diet

In the kitchen with Colleen – Colleen’s No-Cheese Dip

16:10 – How long should you soak cashews

17:55 – Ingredients for no-cheese vegan dip

18:35 – Vegetable ideas for dipping

19:30 – Making the dip

20:40Nutritional yeast as a cheese alternative

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann