Episode 28 – Can Hormones Be Balanced Through Food?

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Have you ever said to yourself “If only chocolate were healthy for me…”? Here’s some news – eating dark chocolate (60%+) could benefit your health! In the latest “Plant Based Diet” episode featuring food and women’s health blogger Talida Voinea of Hazel & Cacao, you’ll learn: 1. The benefits of a plant based diet for hormone health 2. How chocolate and soy can benefit women’s hormones 3. Talida’s journey to hormone balance and the creation of her successful blog and Instagram account.

In this episode you’ll hear:

3:00 – The health benefits of chocolate

6:30 – Talida’s health journey and the beginning of Hazel & Cacao

11:45 – Why Talida chose plant based eating

15:05 – Benefits of a plant based diet in reproductive years

17:55 – About soy

19:30 – Plant based diet during peri-menopause and menopause

21:50 – Pillars of health – considerations beyond diet

23:30 – Talida’s cookbook

26:40 – Giveaway

28:00 – Tracking your cycle

29:00 – Difference between cocoa and cacao

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann