Episode 29 – Revolutionizing the Egg Industry with Plant Based Alternatives: An Interview with Vegg Owner Harold Bollaci

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Can a plant based egg substitute taste, smell and cook just like the real thing? Find out in this episode with Harold Bollaci, owner of the Vegg egg replacement company. Drawn to veganism after a lifetime of dietary complications related to being born without an esophagus, Harold shares the inspiring story of how he overcame his own health struggles and ultimately acquired the Vegg. He discusses the environmental and health benefits of plant-based eating, and the future of the plant-based food industry.

In this episode you’ll hear:

3:45 – Why Harold Bollaci acquired the Vegg while being a practising lawyer.

9:00 – Harold’s health journey being born without an esophagus and going plant based.

14:50 – What is the Vegg made of?

16:00 – What does this egg replacement product taste and look like?

17:40 – Egg replacement for baking

18:30 – Egg allergies

19:15 – Protein amount

21:00 – Price point

24:15 – Harold’s opinion on the future of plant based eating.

As referenced in this episode:

  •  Alternative Food Network Youtube Video on Trying Plant Based Scrambled Eggs.
  • Save 30% with discount code AFN30 at thevegg.com.

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann