Episode 32 – Eating for Longevity and Increasing Health Span

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Want a long and healthy life? In this episode, we explore whether a whole food plant based diet can impact one’s longevity with The Plant Forward Nutritionist, Hannah Van Ark. We also discuss how much protein we really need, and how to “safely” introduce more beans into the diet. Plus, Hannah shares her recipe for delicious fudgy libido-boosting black bean brownies that you won’t want to miss. Tune in for an informative and tasty episode!

In this episode you’ll hear:
5:40 – Hannah’s educational & professional background
8:45 – What do longevity studies suggest for living healthier longer?
10:40 – Blue Zones longevity hotspots
12:40 – How much protein do we need?
15:00 – Soluble fiber
16:10 – The benefits of beans and how to introduce them into your diet
18:10 – Roadblocks to eating a plant based diet
20:50 – Will plant foods increase my grocery bill?
23:10 – Can canned beans be frozen?
24:00 – Plant forward meal planning
27:00 – Black Bean Brownie Recipe

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Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann