Episode 34 – How LinkedIn San Francisco Made the Leap to a Plant-Based Menu in Their Cafeteria

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Chef Alicia Jenish-Mc Carron of the LinkedIn San Francisco office and Katie Cantrell, CEO of Greener By Default, are two passionate plant-based advocates who share fascinating information about the pilot plant-based program they implemented at the LinkedIn office. Hear how the pilot was received, the delicious plant-based dishes that Chef Alicia creates on-site and what the office has on their menu these days, post pilot. Plus, get tips on how you can make a difference in your own workplace and create a more sustainable and healthier environment. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

In this episode you’ll hear:
3:00 – Mission of Greener By Default

4:00 – The LinkedIn-Greener By Default pilot plant-based program

6:30 – The response to the pilot at the LinkedIn San Francisco office

12:10 – Reasons to consider plant-based as the default menu in a corporate setting

13:05 – Greener By Default’s work with New York City public hospitals

13:45 – What Chef Alicia considers when planning menus for LinkedIn San Francisco

15:00 – How is the budget affected with this type of program?

16:20 – Plant-based milks that Chef Alicia makes on-site

18:45 – Did the pilot work: What’s on the menu today at LinkedIn San Francisco?

19:40 – Types of Greener By Default clients

23:45 – Got questions for Chef Alicia?

25:30 – What else Chef Alicia makes in-house

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