Want to give your health a boost? In this episode, we speak with Catharine Arnston, CEO of Energybits, about the science behind algae and how it can benefit our mitochondria and women’s health. From cancer protection to better sleep and increased energy, Catharine shares her insights on the power of algae to help reach optimal health.

In this episode you’ll hear:
1:50 – Nutritional and healing benefits of algae

3:00 – Macroalgae v. microalgae

4:25 – The difference between spirulina and chlorella

6:35 –  Short and long term benefits of spirulina

10:55 – Benefits of chlorella

12:00 – Chlorella for sleep

12:50 – What happens to our mitochondria as we age?

20:00 – Phycocyanin in spirulina for cancer therapy & Alzheimer’s disease

24:00 – Chlorella to pull out toxins

24:50 – Chlorella for osteoporosis & vitamin K2

27:15 – Chlorella for gut health

30:40 – Is there anyone who shouldn’t take spirulina or chlorella?

33:00 – Doing CrossFit at 86

34:30 – Discount code

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Sound Recording and Editing:
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