If you’ve ever been a hospital patient, chances are you weren’t impressed with the food. In this episode, we delve into New York City’s ground-breaking ‘Plant-Based by Default’ initiative with the Executive Director of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Food Policy, Kate MacKenzie, Executive Director of the Better Food Foundation, Jennifer Channin and Sodexo Client Executive at NYC Health + Hospitals, Samantha Morgenstern. Discover how this bustling city’s healthcare system is leading the charge in promoting healthier, environmentally conscious menus for its patients. Whether you work in healthcare, in government or you’re a citizen who simply wants to see better food in hospitals, this episode is a must-listen!

In this episode you’ll hear:

3:25 – The impetus to get plant-based meals offered in New York City hospitals.

4:50 – What levels of government were involved in the plant forward initiative?

6:40 – The use of plant-based defaults in healthcare.

8:10 – How did the food initiative begin?

11:00 – What types of meals are being offered in NYC public hospitals?

14:30 – How many cities are making plant-based meals the default menu in hospitals?

15:20 – Do patients continue to eat plant-based after they leave the hospital?

16:15 – How many patients choose the plant-based menu?

17:50 – Tools provided to patients to support plant-based eating including a cookbook!

19:00 – Day-to-day operation of the plant-based by default program.

21:10 – Is plant-based a healthcare trend?

23:40 – Did the hospital food costs decrease?

25:15 – Recommendations on how to adopt a plant-based by default initiative.

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Executive Producer and Host: Esther Garfin

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann

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