Times have changed since the unsophisticated beginnings of plant-based cuisine. Are you ready to discover the culinary innovations and techniques that have transformed plant-based dishes into gastronomic masterpieces? Whether you’re a foodie eager to understand the nuances of modern plant-based cuisine or you want to elevate your own cooking, this episode with renowned Chef Matthew Ravenscroft is a feast for your ears.

In this episode you’ll hear:

1:30 – Chef Matthew’s plant-based background

3:30 – The evolution of plant-based eating

6:40 – Chef Matthew’s approach to gourmet plant-based dishes

11:40 – How you can elevate your plant-based food

14:00 – Understanding the best method to cook your vegetable

15:30 – Using Google to research your vegetable

16:30 – Trending ingredients and pairings in the veggie world

19:00 – Cooking with beans

21:00 – How can tahini be replaced in a recipe?

24:00 – Chef Matthew’s vision for plant-based cuisine

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Executive Producer and Host: Esther Garfin

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann

As referenced in the episode:

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