Delve into the fascinating world of lab-grown meat in our latest episode. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, an eco-warrior or simply like food tech, this episode sheds light on the potential of cell cultivated meat and the current stage of the industry.

In this episode you’ll hear:

3:00 – What is cellular food and cultivated meat? Is it even meat?

5:00 – Is lab-grown meat the same as cell cultivated meat?

5:40 – What are the environmental benefits of cell cultivated meat?

9:45 – When will lab-grown meat be available?

12:20 – Where are we at now with cellular meat?

13:35 – When will cell cultivated meat be available in your local supermarket?

14:20 – Regulation of the cell cultivated meat industry

14:45 – 10 year forecast

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Executive Producer and Host: Esther Garfin

Sound Recording and Editing: Will Crann

As referenced in the episode:

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