“People know a lot of information but yet people aren’t actually enacting those changes to their lifestyle.” A passionate advocate for whole person health, Dr. Jessica Matthews explains what is lifestyle medicine and talks about her mission to bridge the gap between theory and practice to empower people to make lasting changes for improved health and wellness.

In this episode you’ll hear:

2:15 – The growth of food as medicine and culinary medicine.

3:15 – Dr. Jessica Matthews’ professional background.

6:30 – What is lifestyle medicine?

8:00 – Six pillars of lifestyle medicine.

9:10 – What is health & wellness coaching?

11:30 – The role of culinary medicine in health and wellness coaching.

17:45 – Is lifestyle medicine being practiced outside of the U.S.?

19:15 – Does insurance cover lifestyle medicine care and health & wellness coaching?

21:20 – Dr. Matthews favorite recipe.

25:00 – Whole person health.



Host – Dr. Sabrina Falquier, MD, CCMS, DipABLM
Sound & Editing – Will Crann
Executive Producer – Esther Garfin

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