“On the battleground of healthcare, the major thing that we’re facing is the battle against our food system”, says Harvard-trained researcher and physician, Dr. Robert Graham. Dr. Graham is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, trained in Holistic and Functional Medicine, and is a trained chef. This pioneer in the field of culinary medicine shares his insights on the role of food in healthcare, the challenges within our current food system and his experiences with rooftop farming and medically tailored meals.

In this episode you’ll hear:

2:00 – Dr. Graham on being a physician and a chef

6:30 – What is “true healthcare”?

8:15 – Five ingredients in the recipe for health

9:00 – Rooftop farming

10:20 – Medically tailored meals

11:10 – How to start a rooftop farm?

13:30 – Drug therapy v. food as medicine

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Host – Dr. Sabrina Falquier, MD, CCMS, DipABLM
Sound & Editing – Will Crann
Executive Producer – Esther Garfin

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