In this special montage episode, we showcase the power of food as medicine by bringing together inspiring professionals working at the forefront of integrating nutrition and healthcare from:

🍎 Kroger [2:10] – revolutionizing the way we shop for healthy foods

🛒Stop & Shop [4:45] – improving public health through accessible & nutritious food programs in retail

🍲 Performance Kitchen [7:05] – medically tailored meals giving people the experience of what it’s like to feel healthy

🌿 American College of Lifestyle Medicine [10:10] – teaching healthcare professionals what lifestyle changes and food as medicine really mean

🏥 Suvida Healthcare [12:00] – bringing food as medicine to the value-based care space

🥦 American Diabetes Association [14:35] – connecting nutrition evidence and food access in diabetes care and prevention

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Host – Dr. Sabrina Falquier, MD, CCMS, DipABLM
Sound & Editing – Will Crann
Executive Producer – Esther Garfin

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