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Episode 2 -Interview with Olli co-founder Sarah Gillin, award-winning chef Adrian Niman & world-renowned tea sommelier, Richard Guzauskas.

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From cannabis teas to cookies, more cannabis infused foods are coming to market. In this episode, we take a look at the edibles landscape in Canada post legalization and hear about one company’s journey to becoming a legal manufacturer and curator of cannabis infused food and tea.

In this podcast you’ll also hear:
3:55 –  The beginning of Olli Brands

8:55 Cannabis tea

11:45 – The edibles creation process

15:00 – Timeframe to get Olli edibles to market

15:30 – Licensing process

17:15 – Building the manufacturing facility

19:45 – Security measures

21:00 – Sanitation standards

23:15 – Edibles as a complement to a wellness lifestyle

25:05 – Dosing

36:00 – Cannabis packaging

41:45 – The sophisticated edibles consumer

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