Video Podcast: The Health Effects of Cannabis

If you’re interested in a primer about the health benefits and risks of cannabis, this is a video podcast not to be missed. Host Tanya Allen interviews Dr. Danial Schecter, MD, a practicing family physician and co-founder of the Canabo Medical Clinic, and Stephanie Karasick, Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Strainprint Technologies.

To help you navigate this informative podcast, here’s a breakdown:
-What’s the evidence? (0:03:30)
-Stephanie’s personal journey (0:5:40)
-Cannabis for the over 50 demographic (0:12:30)
-What physicians can learn (0:14:15)
-Alternatives to smoking cannabis (vaporizers, edibles, oils) & what is decarboxylation? (0:19:47)
-Risks of edibles (0:26:12)
-How to find the optimal dose and avoid unwanted side effects – “Start low, go slow” (28:00)
-Different reasons people use cannabis (0:35:05)
-About the cannabis plant, our endocannabinoid system and homeostasis (0:35:28)
-The difference between THC and CBD (0:38:20)
-Treatment resistant epilepsy in children and CBD oil (0:42:00)
-The stigma (0:42:35)
-Studies looking at cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, cancer symptoms, PTSD, multiple sclerosis (0:45:00)
-Cannabis as an opioid replacement (0:49:00)
-The high risk youth population (0:51:55)
-Cannabis education (0:54:45)
-More on the edibles market (1:00:00)

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